by Damn Mondays

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released June 12, 2015

recorded at Grave Yard Studio



all rights reserved


Damn Mondays Salzburg, Austria

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Track Name: Detours
facing this life, no fear of failure or pain
it wasn't right to let you take up all of me
I'll take control hold me responsible

Most of the time I was nowhere to be found
made all my exits through the back door
and then I sat ashamed, alone and hated myself to the bones

but that's no way to live
cut out the grudges and the envy
find a way to be
there's more than one way to be happy

Like the trees bend with the wind, go with the weather
You can never change what's been, it was probably for the better
One step closer to giving up it's in your family, it's in your blood
You keep holding on too much

Give up or grow strong but lose the guilt
The struggle in your head is as real as you let it
Don't hide in shame cause l cant carry all your pain

Frustration kicking in
The hardest part is to reset, let go and to begin
It's the same conversation over and over
Let's talk again when you're sober

You got every reason to be proud
Face everything that tries to shut you out
You got every right to take my hand
Do your remember when, learn to feel again

Don't let the judgement of others break you apart
Only you can validate who you are
Track Name: Accept/ Ignore
those words need space you said
in my head they sound so dull
if I say them out loud, I doubt
we'll ever be the same again

sometimes the distance eats me up
sometimes I want it all to stop
I'm sure if you ever opened up your mouth
the weight of the world would fall out
but you contain all your thoughts
hold 'em down inside you

We wait we regret we forget, we reject everything
we accept that we ignore, that we don't care anymore

Of all the things I wanna say right to your face
I wanna ask you why you never gave me any chance
just assume it'll all work out itself
past and gone, full of wisdom
you leave and just move on
I know, I know somebody messed with you
but did it mess you up, mess you up for good
don't forget, don't forget
I'm not the one who left
it's not what I had planned

I wonder if you ever thought at all or at least about me
it's not good enough to just do as you please
I know you're trying to find your place
try some more but don't take up my space
take up my heart

I'm not inspired anymore
I don't wanna write a single word
I thought I had explained myself
but you don't understand